Renowned Actress, Teacher and Acting Coach is pleased to offer the following intensive Private Classes, Private Coaching and Character Dream Workshops.


NEW YORK – Woodstock Workshop
Character Dreamworkshop

May 18 thru May 25
Enrolment limited.
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An acting class devoted to the process of bringing the character and material to life. Exercises based on the Method of Konstantin Stanislavsky , further inspired by the teachings of Lee Strasberg. The work includes relaxation and sensory work as essential tools in the process of finding the artists truth. Each class begins with a guided preparation which involves dropping into a creative state; which awakens the senses and opens the heart – providing an open, supple and willing instrument. The work involves the preparatory steps towards scenework and monologues; including improvisations and character building exercises.
Classes are ongoing throughout the year.

The characterdreamworkshop is an intensive based on the TRANSFORMATION from actor into character. This process integrates the work of building a character with the work of dreams; and the imagery and symbols that help to build the powerful connection to the character . This is a glorious and in depth foray into the soul of the artist infused with the soul of the character. The workshop experience is one that creates a family of artists, bound together with brave hearts and fierce souls. It is joyous , amazing and one that helps the work itself to grow and evolve as it is created. Dream workshops are help in Paris, New York, Berlin, Warsaw.

In depth focus to prepare actors for roles that will make the material the deepest and most personal, including script analysis, character development, sensory work and dreamwork.

” the moment you lose communication with yourself onstage is the moment when experiencing ends and playacting begins. So however many performances you give, whoever it is you are portraying, you must use your own feelings. Infringement of this law is tantamount to the actor murdering the character he is playing; depriving it of the pulsating,living human soul which alone gives life to a dead role ” ~ Konstantin Stanislavski

” i wanted only to live with the promptings that came from my true self-why was that so very difficult? ” -Herman Hesse, Demian